Contract Manufacturing

With knowledge and experience, we help you turn your idea into a reality in the best possible way. Regardless of the details of high-tech constructions or earthy storage vessels, we are the right player to turn to. You want quality, precision, customized volume and reliable delivery times - everything you get from us

We know stainless

When you turn to us, you can expect that our expertise in stainless steel and our straightforward communication will lead to the optimal end result you are looking for. Through modern technology, adapted machines and a broad knowledge, we carry out projects that require deep drawing, eccentric pressing, pressure turning, welding, rolling, grinding and polishing. We also hold expertise in various forms of tool manufacturing. The various processes require great precision and skill, which we are confident in thanks to our experienced and high-performing staff.

Professional advice and stainless steel solutions

We combine the best of what a small company bring combined with the best of a large company. We give you as a customer quick and straightforward communication as well as flexibility together with high capacity and a strong network of business partners. Ultimate emphasis is placed on solving the problems you face, in a way that will be the ultimate for you.
No matter how small or large a project you need help with, we are here for you, with a valued communication and broad knowledge. We always work solution-oriented and, thanks to our above-mentioned skills, can find the best solution for you and your problem. We look forward to hearing from you!